Lemp Haunted Mansion Tour

April 16, 2010

I went on the Lemp “Haunted” Mansion tour on Thursday night, led by members of a “supernatural investigation” group. A little over a dozen of us from the Saint Louis skeptics group went together on the tour. As skeptics, we had plenty of flashlights and cameras of our own. And we also played with two of our host’s infrared cameras.


I found the indoor aviary room (downstairs; part of the restaurant) most creepy, due to the dark painted outdoor scene. Unlike in my previous visit to the mansion, the gift shop was not freakishly cold this time. (The weather was different; previous trip was early winter, this trip was after a week of quite warm weather.)

It’s a nice bead and breakfast place: The two large 2nd floor rooms are very nice. I liked the cozy and modern bathroom in the Elsa Lemp Suite. I’d like to stay there.


Being a caver, I am of course very interested in the cave under the mansion. Here is a very good site describing the cave:


Looks like when I stood on the 3×3 ft wood cover in the basement, I was probably standing right over a nasty 34 ft drop into the cave. Nice. Good thing I didn’t jump up and down on it. ;->

Here is a much better map of the cave than the one shown in the Lemp Mansion gift shop:


(And the pool is properly marked on this map.)

Postcard from the old Cherokee Cave public tours shown at the bottom of this page:


I have a VHS video tape that includes a legal visit to Cherokee Cave (and also the storm drains under Forest Park and the River des Peres. It’s a 50-minute KETC Channel 9 special called “Under St. Louis”, “St. Louis Chronicles”, 1998. “Produced in cooperation with the Missouri Historical Society.” I think it was a bonus sent to KETC members. (See it pays to be a contributing member of your local public TV and radio stations! ;-)

The eleven minute portion about Cherokee Cave is available on You Tube here:

Here’s a blog, with good pictures, of someone trespassing into the cave, a practice that is ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS!!!


Now Senior Technical Integration Consultant at Guidewire Software

January 22, 2010

I just accepted a position as a Senior Technical Integration Consultant at Guidewire Software, starting the first of next month.

Express-Scripts Layoff

January 3, 2010

Yes, I was part of the ESI layoff of 90% of contractors last month. I am working with Advantage Consulting and partners to find a new position.

As always, I am particularly interested in highly challenging and rewarding opportunities. And I am willing to take on a heavy travel schedule and to relocate.

Roller Coasters

June 20, 2009

The “Top Thrill Dragster” roller coaster at the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio caught my eye recently. (One of my relatives spammed me with pictures of it. ;-)

Here are a few links:

For something a little slower, try this:

Found another… a “racing bicycle monorail”, the “Shweeb”, in New Zeland:

Caving Boots

April 3, 2009

The “Wellies” (Wellington boots) in the Facebook “Caving Gear” application inspired some brief conversations on good caving boots:

Some Wellington boots come with felt on the tread — which I’m told is good for traction on slippery rocks while fishing.

Some caving groups, such as the Chouteau Grotto, are known for using shoes with football cleats in very muddy caves like the Devil’s Icebox. And it occurs to me that this might be useful in Carol Cave as well — as long as the boots tie firmly enough to the foot as to not get pulled off when pulling feet out of mud! ;->

Last night at the Banff film festival, the “Canyoneer 2” shoe, at five-ten was recommended. (See “Footwear -> Water” on their flash site.) Looks like it would hold onto the foot well, and keep most mud and sand out of the shoe. But the tread doesn’t look very ambitious. Maybe I should try these for my next pair of caving boots.

(A visitor was looking for OTB Footwear Sar Water Boots, so I thought I’d mention them.)

Bottom line: I have to recommend the Norcross Shrimp Boots, recommended by John Hargreaves.
(See comments.)

Start date at Monsanto

March 24, 2009

I have a start date to serve our customer, the research side of Monsanto, working through Comsys and Advantage consulting:  Monday, April 6th.


Monsanto is one of the best customers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve with them again.

Minor Fresh Concrete Crisis

March 17, 2009

Local color: They just poured concrete to repair the road outside my house this morning. Within seconds of them leaving, the neighbor’s youngest fell in it. I pulled him out by his feet; and while his parents washed him off, I caught the workers on the next street so they could fix the concrete. They said that things like this happen all the time. ;->

This one could be harder to explain to your supervisor, however:
Police car in fresh concrete (from this page)