Refactoring “VB Classic” pages on Ward’s Wiki

February 3, 2009

I’ve been doing some quite long-overdue work on the PortlandPatternRepository (aka WardsWiki) recently: Before the advent of Microsoft’s “.NET” environment, there was a fair amount of discussion of Visual Basic vs C++, and then Visual Basic vs Java.

But things got a bit more confusing when Microsoft released a .NET version of Visual Basic: It’s a completely redesigned language that’s much more similar to C# and Java, and VB.NET programs can leverage the .NET libraries, just like any other CLR hosted language.

But that made things really awkward and confusing on Ward’s Wiki, as all the page and link names describing “Visual Basic” did not describe the current version of Visual Basic — the .NET version; they were all about the outdated versions — now commonly referred to as “VB Classic.”

This problem was ignored for a number of years… Because it would be an annoying amount of work to fix it. And (obviously) no one on the wiki was sufficiently motivated to fix it.

But recently I had a chance to do some VB.NET work. And given that I was once a heavy contributor to the wiki’s Visual Basic pages, I got myself motivated to do something constructive about it.

While the work is in progress, I’m describing my plan and completed work on this page:

(Once the work is complete, I’ll delete the above page, breaking that link!)

Some of the classic VB Classic pages that particularly tickle my memories: