What blogs are good for

February 6, 2009

I’m warming up to this “blogging” thing…

I’m thinking that the value of blogging, for me, is that it provides a better place to speak my piece in my voice than Wikis or discussion groups.

It’s a good place to…

  • Tell stories / Talk about my history.
  • Talk about what I’m doing right now. (I am so not into Twitter.)

But I’ll always remember My very first blog post. (As well I should, as it was only three days ago! ;-)

My very first blog post.

February 3, 2009

I’ve been putting off blog posting for some time.  Not (just ;-) because I’m lazy:  I’ve just favored the “everyone’s on an equal footing” nature of Wikis and discussion groups.

On a wiki, anyone can create and modify content.  If (when!;-) I have a half-baked idea, I can put it on a wiki, and there’s a good chance that others will help me refine the idea, as a collaborative writing project.  The result is often more than any of us would have done on their own, and it’s available as an easily accessible web resource, to use and improve over time.

Discussion groups are good for discussion, and unlike a blog, are not really “owned” by any one of the participants:  Everyone is free to comment, on equal footing.

So whenever I’ve felt the need to contribute knowledge or opinion to the public forums, I’ve found wikis and discussion groups quite well-suited to the task.

But lately I’ve been thinking that a more permanent and accessible log of my personal activities and opinions could be useful, and this seems to be a good use of blogging tools.  So I’ll give it a try, and see how it works for me.

>>> “Watch this space.” <<<