What if your bug crashes the Mars rover?

In “This Developer’s Life” podcast “1.0.3 Problems” mentioned on Scott Hanselman’s blog

Regarding the “1.0.3 Problems” comments about how bad it would be to have written “the bug” that trashed a Mars rover:  I don’t think we have to speculate too much about hypothetical situations.  We have the Hubble telescope mirror, for instance:


and the Mars orbiter thing too:


“Bummer, dude” is one possible response.

2 Responses to What if your bug crashes the Mars rover?

  1. Me says:

    But it would be QA’s fault! I wish I could say I am kidding. It’s just that years of testing software has taught me that bugs released into production environments are the fault of QA, not development, so I don’t think any Mars developers would have to worry.

  2. Jeff Grigg says:

    I have to respectfully disagree:
    I am a developer. I hold developers fully responsible for producing bug-free code. When I release bugs into production, it’s ***MY*** fault.

    There is no way that any external “QA” department can test the software I write as well as I can. And all of my many, many years of experience do nothing but convince me all the stronger that this is true.

    Learn Test-Driven Development (TDD), and you’ll know what true developer testing is all about.

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