Caving Boots

April 3, 2009

The “Wellies” (Wellington boots) in the Facebook “Caving Gear” application inspired some brief conversations on good caving boots:

Some Wellington boots come with felt on the tread — which I’m told is good for traction on slippery rocks while fishing.

Some caving groups, such as the Chouteau Grotto, are known for using shoes with football cleats in very muddy caves like the Devil’s Icebox. And it occurs to me that this might be useful in Carol Cave as well — as long as the boots tie firmly enough to the foot as to not get pulled off when pulling feet out of mud! ;->

Last night at the Banff film festival, the “Canyoneer 2” shoe, at five-ten was recommended. (See “Footwear -> Water” on their flash site.) Looks like it would hold onto the foot well, and keep most mud and sand out of the shoe. But the tread doesn’t look very ambitious. Maybe I should try these for my next pair of caving boots.

(A visitor was looking for OTB Footwear Sar Water Boots, so I thought I’d mention them.)

Bottom line: I have to recommend the Norcross Shrimp Boots, recommended by John Hargreaves.
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