Laid off, looking for work.

[ Note:  The following status replaced with 2009-03-24: Start Date at Monsanto. ]


As of this morning, I found myself a participant in the second round of layoffs at my (now former) employer, Asynchrony Solutions.  They’ve been a great place to work — the people, the work environment, the opportunities to improve myself and to help our customers solve business problems.  But the current economic environment has been very hard on Asynchrony:  Loss of projects and delayed sales have cut income to the point where the expenses of the company, primarily employee salaries, simply had to be cut.


So, as of this morning, I am looking for work.


I have substantial experience as a consultant and contractor — leading, coaching, and contributing to software development projects in a variety of technologies in both Java and Microsoft environments.  (…including .NET, C#, VB, C++, COM, etc.)


I currently live in the Saint Louis, Missouri metropolitan area, and I am willing to relocate to just about any reasonable location.  (I have a preference for the West coast, or possibly Texas, should there be interesting opportunities available.)


For the short term, I have a job search to start.  And blogging is not my primary strategy for finding a new job.  ;->


Thank you for the interest!

     – jeff


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