New Google Mapplet release: GPS Location

I just released a new Google Mapplet, I’m calling “GPS Location“. [Click on the “GPS Location” link to add it to your Google maps as a “My Maps” tool.]

I was inspired to write this by using Thomas Duebendorfer’s “Position Finder” Google Mapplet: I’ve been using it for several months, but have been frustrated with its limitations, and how much I have to “futz” with its output to get suitable results. So I wrote my own.

What makes my GPS Location Mapplet better than Position Finder is…

  • I round the latitude and longitude values to a reasonable number of decimal places, given the current zoom level. It was just annoying the heck out of me when Position Finder gave me coordinates that were 8 to 10 orders of magnitude more precise than the maximum resolution one can legally get in public satellite maps. I was always rounding the results by hand.
  • GPS Location supports multiple points on the map simultaneously. And you can move them.

I’m still trying to figure out how to jsUnit test my little GPS Location Mapplet — both integration tests within Google Maps, and Test Driven Development (TDD) code writing with mocks for the Google Map APIs. But those are stories to be implemented another day.


3 Responses to New Google Mapplet release: GPS Location

  1. jeffgrigg says:

    And, thanks to the helpful advice of a few people on the gmaps api team, I was able to get this to work:

    If you want to keep up with the latest version checked into subversion, install from this link instead:

  2. jeffgrigg says:

    (P.S. *This* has be *a most wildly successful* blog entry — in that it immediately attracted *four spam comments* on GPS topics. Hmmm…)

  3. Clean Freak says:

    don’t you just hate it when you are lost? and it can be annoying having to ask other people to get directions… that’s why i need to say that handheld gps is a life saver….

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