LINQ for Java? Anders Norås’ Quaere Library

I just heard about Anders Norås’ Quaere Library yesterday:

My friend Google was easily able to direct me to additional information at…

  • [Anders Norås’ Blog entry, “Introducing Quaere – Language integrated queryies for Java” is no longer available online.]
  • TheServerSide article, “LINQ for Java: Quaere”

Naturally, this prompted me to document this development in my favorite place — a LanguageIntegratedQueryForJava page on Ward’s Wiki.

Quaere doesn’t seem to offer database or XML operations. But I don’t see why this idea couldn’t be expanded to do such things. It’s a very interesting idea. I hope it’s successful.


4 Responses to LINQ for Java? Anders Norås’ Quaere Library

  1. Hi Jeff, and thank you for your interest in Quaere.
    The project has been a little quiet lately, mostly because I’ve been unable to stay committed to it because of little backing from my employer.
    When we last did some serious development on the framework our efforts were at implementing the Quaere for JPA extension which would enable you to query any JPA compliant data source the same way you can query collections using Quaere for Objects.
    When I’ve demoed Quaere on conferences and user group meetings I’ve shown off a couple of experimental query engines, including Quaere for XML which resembles XLinq if you are familiar with that.

    I’ve recently started to work for a new employer, so hopefully I’ll get some spare time to blow the dust off this project.

    Thanks again!

  2. If you prefer type-safe queries, consider using Querydsl :

    Querydsl supports JPA/Hibernate, JDO, SQL and Collections.

    • jeffgrigg says:

      Very interesting. Looks quite practical and usable. Generating correct SQL and HQL query strings has proven quite a challenge for many developers, I have noticed, and this kind of library could resolve many of those problems and avoid many common bugs.

  3. We use APT for compile time code generation. APT is integrated into javac since Java 6, so it can be integrated into any Java project.

    Try it out and see for yourself.

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