What blogs are good for

I’m warming up to this “blogging” thing…

I’m thinking that the value of blogging, for me, is that it provides a better place to speak my piece in my voice than Wikis or discussion groups.

It’s a good place to…

  • Tell stories / Talk about my history.
  • Talk about what I’m doing right now. (I am so not into Twitter.)

But I’ll always remember My very first blog post. (As well I should, as it was only three days ago! ;-)

One Response to What blogs are good for

  1. Another good attribute for blogs: they preserve your thoughts intact. While a wiki permits extreme mutability of its content, this can lead to confusion. Person A authors a page P1. Person B refines P1 into P1′. Person C authors a rebuttal to P1′ in P2, citing bits of P1′. Person D rewrites P1′ into P1”. Now, the references in P2 may well be irrelevant or outright incorrect.

    Finally, the immediacy of the medium *discourages* thoughtful prose, and encourages the very thing wiki tries hard to avoid: threaded discussion, often times quite violent, made worse by anonymity. Consider “topmind” and the trolling he’s historically known for.

    It takes work, a *lot* of work, to maintain a “document.” It regularly takes me an eight-hour day just to compose a body of content that would satisfy a “document-mode” body of moderate length, including the necessary references to other works.

    If I’m going to put that kind of work into a well-presented, well-researched, well-argued body of text, you better believe I have _no_ interest in having someone come along and mutate it, potentially with incorrect or inflammatory information. If you really feel my work deserves revision, write it up in your own blog, and cite my article as a reference. Or, submit a comment, and maybe I’ll approve of the corrections and update my own article.

    Another nice thing about blogs is, like a good photo-album, you can see yourself change and evolve over time. More than once I’ve found myself changing in unexpected ways. I think you’ll find it endearing when you look at your archives, and realize to yourself, “Oh my GOD! I thought *THAT*?!”

    Anyway, I just thought I’d pitch in my opinions on the value of blogs. :)

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